Gibson's Grove Olives

Award-winning olive oil and table olives



Gibson's Grove Olives

Award-winning olive oil and table olives


The Gibson family moved to their 300 acre property in 1994. It is situated on the Henry Lawson Way 12kms southeast of Forbes in the Central West of NSW where the climate is similar to the Mediterranean. The summer temperature reach 45 degrees celsius and the winters are frosty with a minimum overnight temperature of -5 degrees celsius.  The family stocked the property with cattle and then decided to diversify their farming interests by integrating and olive grove on their property. They planted 2000 trees between 1996 and 2002 with equal numbers of Manzanillo, Paragon and Carraggiolla. These trees are irrigated during flowering and bearing time. The olives are hand harvested from the middle of April until the middle of May.  

Olive Oils

All Gibson's Grove Oils are:

  • Extra Virgin (less than 0.8% free fatty acid)
  • Cold pressed (no heat)
  • Stored in ultra violet protected dark bottles
  • Grown in Central West New South Wales under ideal climate conditions
  • From trees planted by the Gibson Family between 1996 and 2002

All Olives are  picked at the premium time for extra virgin olive oil, being when the fruit is half purple and half yellow with a buff coloured flesh that comes away from the stone easily.

Paragon olives produce a delightful golden oil which has a subtle nutty flavour and an aroma of freshly mown grass.

Manzanillo olives produce an oil with a fresh grassy aroma and a slight peppery flavour which pleasantly lingers in the back of the throat.

Corraggiola are small olives which produce a delicious, delicate, fruity flavoured olive oil.  

All Gibson's Grove Extra Virgin Oil is recommended for use in salads, cooking, dipping and will enhance any recipe where extra virgin olive oil in an ingredient. 

Table Olives

All Gibson's Grove table olives are:

  • Manzanillo, Ligurian Style and Kalamatta olives
  • Hand picked and sorted
  • Immersed in brine for up to 9 months until no bitterness remains
  • Bottled by Gibson's with fresh herbs and weak brine, vinegar and Gibson's Grove extra virgin olive oil for additional flavour.